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***ChronoLinks Adapters for Leatherman Tread LT are NOW available for ordering!*** 

ChronoLinks (Formerly Known as TreadLinks) is a watch band adapter designed specifically for the Leatherman Tread/Tread LT Multi-tool. With ChronoLinks, you can use the Leatherman Tread/Tread LT with a huge selection of watches.

ChronoLinks allows you to use the Leatherman Tread/Tread LT Multi-Tool with any timepiece with a lug width of 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, or 26mm. Lug widths of 18mm and 26mm are not available for Tread LT.

18mm - Huawei
 - Seiko Orange Monster  
22mm - LG G watch R  
24mm - Suunto Core (ensure it has lugs)
26mm - Garmin Fenix 3

All ChronoLinks adapters are made of precision machined stainless steel to match seamlessly with the look and feel of the Leatherman Tread/Tread LT and your watch. Two finishes are available to match the Leatherman Tread/Tread LT: brushed stainless steel and brushed black diamond-like carbon (Black DLC).

Every box includes a pair of ChronoLinks adapters in your choice of size and finish.

Leatherman Tread/Tread LT and Watch not included. Compatible with Tread and Tread LT.

Please visit our Gallery and/or Instagram Page for photos from our customers.

If you are unsure which size of ChronoLinks adapters you will need, please feel free to contact us and we will check if your watch is compatible with the ChronoLinks adapters. 

We've also provided a short video clip below to show you how to measure your watch lug width. Alternatively, please visit our FAQ.




  • 5
    Perfect product for the job and the guys at ansix are spot on.

    Posted by db on 2017 Mar 24th

    I have just made my 4th purchase from ansix. Had a problem with one link that was rectified by ansix immediately, so happy with their customer service. Now have 18,20 and 22mm links so i can use a couple of different watches when the mood arises. I also bought the comfort screws, more for the aesthetic than anything else, leathermans flat head screws just look a bit too agricultural for me, even if they are easier to undo/fasten, but who does that in normal use anyway. I oredered two extra comfort screws just in case, and was glad i did as two got slightly damaged (enough rounding to worry that down the line it would fail during removal) by the leatherman charge bit driver. Very happy with the products. Only thing to watch is that on some watches there is very little clearance between the spring bar and watch case, on one of mine i was tempted to shave a little off the waych link so that it would better clear the case as it wouldnt quite rotate to the perfect spot on my wrist. As it turned out i grew to live with it and the watch wasnt expensive enough to worry about the contact point. All in all, very happy customer and would recommend them to any tread owner looking to add a watch to their gear. The tread as a watch strap is massively more appealing than a full tread bracelet without a time piece. Instead of being a part time wearable, its now always on my wrist.

  • 5
    Such excellent service

    Posted by Sonya Delisle on 2016 Dec 25th

    Mucho kudos to the people at Ansix! After my order went missing, two days from Christmas (and not through any fault of their own) they worked with me to get me a replacement in time. Such an amazing feat! The product seems perfect and the thought that any watch can be fit on my husband's Tread bracelet made his Christmas day! Thanks again!

  • 4
    Very well made

    Posted by Tony M. on 2016 May 12th

    I received my 22mm stainless TreadLinks today. It took about 8 days to reach NJ after shipping was confirmed. The color of the links match my Dugena SeaTech perfectly and the fit was truly class-A. There was absolutely no wiggle room between the TreadLinks and my watch case. The machining is excellent. A high-quality product. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because they did not include the promised spring bars.

  • 5
    Satisfied customer

    Posted by Etienne H. on 2016 Mar 31st

    Really happy with the product ! Brought it to a watch shop to have it installed on my watch. Result looks very good ! Packaging design was very impressive too.

  • 5
    Just as advertised

    Posted by Unknown on 2016 Jan 11th

    Great finish, fit. Really makes the watch stand out.

  • 5

    Posted by Gerhard on 2016 Jan 9th

    if you want to attach your watch to your Tread, go for Treadlinks - these are great!

  • 5

    Posted by Anthony Fasoli on 2016 Jan 8th

    This company has great customer service. I ordered a set of 20 mm because that's what the watch company told me was the lug size of the watch I bought. When I received my treadlinks the 20 mm did not fit. I needed 22 mm. They were very quick to respond to my email and take care of my problem. The quality of the product is great. The finish matched my leather man tread perfectly!!! Overall very happy with the product and company