Designed for Leatherman Tread

The original watch adapter for the Leatherman Tread/Tread LT Multi-Tool that allows you to customize your Tread or Tread LT with different watches.

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Apple Watch and Casio G-Shock

Our adapters are compatible with many Casio G-Shock and all Apple Watch series.

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More Comfortable than ever

With all sharp edges chamfered, our Comfort Screws are the perfect replacement for the original screws on the Leatherman Tread.

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Find the Perfect Fitment

Does your watch have odd lug width such as 21mm or 23mm? A set of +1mm Spacers is all you need to get your better watch fitment.

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Infinite Adjustability

Is your Tread too loose or too tight? These Adjustment Links are designed to provide you with more adjustability for a more comfortable fit.

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