How do you know what size of ChronoLinks watch adapters I need? 

To ensure many watches can be paired with the Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool, ChronoLinks adapters come in several different sizes. These sizes refer to the “lug width” of your watch. The lug width, measured in millimeter (mm), is the distance between the two lugs on your watch (the horn like parts protruding from the top and bottom of your watch). If you currently have a leather watch band on your watch, the lug width size may already be imprinted on the interior of the strap. If the lug width is not found on the strap, then you can measure using a metric ruler (or a caliper) as shown in the picture below. 

ChronoLinks Measurement 




How do you install ChronoLinks watch adapters?

Here's is an easy-to-follow video clip:


The installation of ChronoLinks adapters onto the watch may require some specialized tools. We recommend ChronoLinks adapters to be installed professionally at a local jeweler or watch repair shop. Instructions are provided if a jeweler or watch repair shop is not readily accessible. Damage caused by improper installation, is not covered by the warranty.

When using your Leatherman Tread with the ChronoLinks adapters, be sure not to apply any load on the watch. Damage caused to the watch, the Tread or ChronoLinks due to improper usage is not covered by the warranty. 

  1. Install both ChronoLinks adapters onto the watch by following the instructions given for the specific watch.

  2. Add or remove links from the Tread to get the correct bracelet size for your wrist.

  3. Attach the Tread to the ChronoLinks adapters by securing the screws with your fingers, without the use of any tools.

  4. Once all the screws are fully threaded in, use a screwdriver or a penny to tighten all the screws.

  5. Enjoy your new Leatherman Tread watch with ChronoLinks watch adapters!   

For the Apple Watch, please follow the additional steps below: 

  1. Turn the Apple Watch over so that the back of the watch is facing you.

  2. Locate the small rectangular buttons near the watch strap.

  3. Gently press the button with your finger while sliding the strap away from the Apple Watch housing.

  4. Install the ChronoLinks Apple Watch adapter with the silver metal contact side to the back of the Apple Watch.

  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 for the other Strap. 


I installed ChronoLinks watch adapters and Leatherman Tread onto my watch. How do I share my watch setup?

Congratulations for your new watch setup with the ChronoLinks and Leatherman Tread! If you would like to share your photos, you can email to us directly via info@ansix.ca. Alternatively, you can also use social media. Our default hashtag is #chronolinks.